Verdict of Over $25,000.00 for Woman in Prince George’s County, Maryland Injured by Shattered Mirror

The client was taking her mother to run some errands in Prince George’s County in a rented U-Haul vehicle. A dump truck failed to operate by the Maryland Rules of the Road and crossed over to the client’s side of the road, clipping her mirror. The mirror shattered, causing scrapes and scars on her arm and chest. She received physical therapy for an injury to her shoulder and made an excellent recovery. The dump truck company hired a defense firm out of Baltimore to defend the case rather than resolve it fairly with the injured driver. Indeed, the defense attorney even alleged at trial that the dump truck driver wasn’t at fault! In a pivotal moment at trial during Matt Trollinger's cross examination, the dump truck driver admitted that he crossed over the side of the road and there was nothing the injured driver could have done to prevent it. The judge awarded over $25,000.00 in damages to our client.

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* Many attorneys, insurance companies, and clients call an incident when someone was injured an “accident.” For this reason, our website uses this word. But an incident is not really an "accident" if there were rules in place to keep us all safe, yet someone chose not to follow those rules — and, as a result, someone else was hurt. When you speak with Trollinger Law, you'll find we talk instead in terms of "crashes," "collisions," etc.

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