Fighting for the Injured in Anne Arundel County

Matt Trollinger and Trollinger Law LLC fight for the rights of injured workers and car accident victims throughout Maryland. Here are some highlights from our recent work in Anne Arundel County.

Trollinger Law LLC Continues to Help Injured Police Officers in Maryland

Trollinger Law LLC fights for police officers in different departments throughout Maryland. In May, multiple Anne Arundel County police officers’ rights are now secure. Maryland Workers’ Compensation attorney, Matt Trollinger assured permanency rights for the injured officers at the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. Any worker who suffers a permanent injury is entitled to benefits under Maryland law. These officers, injured in the line of duty, were entitled to compensation for permanent injuries.

Victory at Trial for Pedestrian in Glen Burnie

Attorney Matt Trollinger also had the opportunity to represent an Anne Arundel County single mother injured in a car accident. After an attorney, tried to resolve the case with State Farm, this case came to Trollinger Law LLC for the client to fight for their rights in court.

The client while walking across Governor Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie, Maryland was struck by a young driver turning from a shopping center. The driver started their turn on a green light after leaving a shopping center. As she made her turn, she struck the pedestrian. There was no crosswalk at this intersection or crossing device to assist people crossing the street.

Still, State Farm refused to offer a single penny to the injured pedestrian. Instead, they blamed the injured pedestrian for the negligence of their driver. Personal injury attorney Matt Trollinger took the case to trial. State Farm argued that the pedestrian had a higher duty to avoid the collision. Matt Trollinger relied on Maryland Law 21-503, and argued that the pedestrian had the right of way. Trollinger and his client prevailed at trial recovering the medical costs as well as pain and suffering.

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Trollinger Law LLC is happy to help any police officers, firefighters, EMT’s and correctional officers with injuries suffered in the line of duty.

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