Trollinger Law LLC Fights for Maryland Correctional Officers

On Tuesday, February 13th, attorney Matt Trollinger of Trollinger Law LLC, joined plaintiffs attorneys across the state that to lobby on behalf of Maryland correctional officers’. Trollinger was part of a team that requested enhanced benefits under Maryland workers’ compensation law. The attorneys organized through the Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ) to provide support and insight on a number of bills. Some bills were designed to help those injured in medical malpractice cases and others in Maryland workers’ compensation claims.

Justice Day in Maryland

The MAJ, named the day of meeting with legislators, and discussing policy, “Justice Day”. The attorneys were invited to watch the legislators in session, then broke out in groups to talk to various staff and legislators about bills supported by MAJ. One of those bills is making its way through the Maryland Senate currently, Maryland Senate Bill 0048. This bill’s purpose is to give state correctional officers the same permanency benefits as other public safety employees.

A Receptive Audience

Trollinger met with representatives from Montgomery County, St. Mary’s County, Calvert County, and Prince George’s County to encourage them to think about our hard working correctional officers who keep our communities safe every day. Trollinger reports the meetings were successful,

“It was a unique experience to spend time with legislators looking for ways to help their constituents. A good avenue for doing this is to support our civil justice system in ways that promote fairness. The bills we had dialogue with them about were of utmost importance. Whether the officer works in Cheltenham or Baltimore, their rights ought to be protected “

Trollinger Law LLC Fights Hard for Police, Firefighters, EMT’s and Correctional Officers

Trollinger Law LLC fights for the workers in Maryland that put others first. Police, firefighters, EMT’s and correctional officers deserve high quality representation. These men and women deserve an attorney they can trust that will put them first the way they do others.

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