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Car Accident Statistics in Maryland

Car Accident Statistics

It’s no surprise that car crashes are a leading cause of death in the United States. Automobile accidents happen every day across Maryland. Hundreds of people lose their lives in these crashes. Thousands more are hurt, many of them seriously.

Statistics from the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) highlight the magnitude of the problem. There was an average of 111,885 total crashes in Maryland during a recent five-year period, resulting in an average of 511 deaths and 48,257 injuries.

Maryland Car AccidentsMaryland Car Accidents

There’s a common factor linking almost every Maryland car accident together— the vast majority could have been avoided entirely if someone else had been more responsible.

If you suffered severe injuries or lost a family member in an auto accident in the greater Waldorf area, an experienced attorney at Trollinger Law LLC can help determine your rights to compensation.

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Maryland Car Crash Data

Crash data from MDOT show that 117,750 car accidents occurred in 2018, the second-highest total of the five-year period dating back to 2014. The 3,069 crashes in Charles County represented a record high during that same timeframe.

Maryland Car Crash DataMaryland Car Crash Data

On an encouraging note, injuries from car accidents in Maryland decreased by almost three percent in 2018 compared to the previous year. Even though it’s an improvement, that data should hardly be considered comforting. Close to 50,000 people were still hurt in crashes on Maryland roads.

Additional statistics show that:

Maryland Car Accident StatisticsMaryland Car Accident Statistics

  • Drivers in Maryland and Washington, D.C. rank among the worst drivers in snow and rain.
  • Maryland ranked 9th worst in the nation for drunk driving in a recent survey.
  • Maryland was named the 3rd worst state to drive in by WalletHub, with speeding, aggressive driving, harsh braking, poor turning and phone use bringing it down in the ratings.

Statistics can be useful in analyzing trends and may even be used as supporting evidence in certain car accident claims. But at Trollinger Law, we know those accident victims are far more than numbers on a spreadsheet. Our legal services are customized to meet each client’s unique needs as we pursue maximum compensation for their injuries and losses.

Car Accident Deaths in Maryland

The most recent MDOT statistics indicate that there were 486 fatal car crashes in Maryland in 2018, the second-highest total over its five-year study period. There were 18 people killed in accidents in Charles County in 2018, a 36 percent decrease from the previous year.

Maryland Car Accident DeathsMaryland Car Accident Deaths

Federal data on Maryland car accident deaths show that:

  • The group with the highest percentage of deaths are between ages 25 and 29.
  • Alcohol-impaired fatalities reached a record high in 2017, with 186 deaths.
  • The majority of deaths occur in accidents involving passenger cars.
  • Most fatal crashes involve a single vehicle.
  • Accidents at intersections, speed-related crashes and roadway departures are the most common types of fatal wrecks in Maryland.

Fatal Car Wreck MarylandFatal Car Wreck Maryland

Family members and dependents of those who have died in a Maryland car crash may be entitled to wrongful death compensation to help with funeral and burial expenses, medical bills and pain and suffering. If you’re coping with such a loss, Attorney Matt Trollinger can sit down with you for a private, no-cost consultation to discuss your legal options during this painful time.

Common Types of Car Accidents in Maryland

Some of the most frequent types of crashes in Maryland include:

Car Accident Types MarylandCar Accident Types Maryland

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Head-on collisions
  • Distracted driving accidents
  • Intersection crashes
  • Side impact (T-bone) collisions
  • Low-speed collisions
  • Rollover accidents
  • Single-vehicle accidents
  • Multi-vehicle collisions
  • Hit and run accidents

No matter what type of accident you have been in, it’s important to consult with an attorney before giving any kind of statement to an insurance company. Determining liability can be challenging even in cases that seem straightforward. Insurance adjusters will be looking for ways to make a quick and easy payout before your lawyer has time to investigate further.

What Causes Car Accidents in Maryland?

Negligence is the most common cause of most car accidents in Maryland. Simply put, that means that a person or other party acted carelessly, resulting in the accident that injured you.

Common causes of car accidents include:

  • Speeding
  • Impaired driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Driver fatigue
  • Disregarding traffic signals and stop signs
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Vehicle malfunction
  • Road design problems
  • Poor visibility
  • Bad weather conditions

Car Accident Causes MarylandCar Accident Causes Maryland

Sometimes, more than one party is responsible for an accident — including you. In cases of shared fault, Maryland is one of a handful of states that uses a strict standard called contributory negligence to determine liability. If you are found even one percent responsible for the accident, you cannot recover any compensation for your injuries.

Because there is so much at stake when it comes to a fault in Maryland car crashes, it’s essential to contact an experienced attorney who can fight so that you are not assigned an unfair portion of fault.

When to Contact a Lawyer

Insurance companies are often aggressive in their attempts to minimize their losses in car accident cases. How do they do that? By trying to get you to agree to a settlement that is much less than you are entitled to.
Insurance adjusters often start calling within hours of the crash, even when people are in the hospital still getting medical treatment. The purpose is to get to you before you’ve had a chance to consider whether you have legal options. You do.

Don’t agree to discuss the accident with an insurance representative until you’ve spoken to a qualified car accident attorney. A lawyer can protect you from mistakenly saying something that could jeopardize your claim.

How Can Trollinger Law Help Me?

Being injured in a car accident can have serious physical, financial and emotional consequences. If you were hit by a negligent driver, a car accident attorney at Trollinger Law can fight for compensation on your behalf.

With one-on-one attention to your case, firm founder Matt Trollinger will aggressively fight for maximum compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other accident-related losses.

Trollinger Law represents clients in Waldorf and throughout Maryland, including Charles County, St. Mary’s County and Calvert County. Call or contact us today to arrange your free consultation.

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