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Client Reviews of Trollinger Law are comments from actual clients about their experiences working with Matt Trollinger, Esq. as their attorney. We appreciate our clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.

Having never met Matt before I was worried what kind of job he would do for my case, which was such a huge deal in my life. Immediately he gained my trust. He his very attentive, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. He NEVER did not return one phone call of mine day or night even if he was tied up with other work. I have referred other friends and family members to Matt since and they ALL have the same opinion. He is NOT that attorney who takes your information over the phone and meets you 15 minutes before court. I can guarantee before the two of you walk into any court room, you will fully understand everything and he will have your best interest. I would never go to anyone else.

★★★★★ Avvo Review

– Mike

I always felt important. Was kept informed at all times. Never had to wait for a response, no matter how silly the question may have seemed to me, I received an answer. From day one there was professionalism throughout. Excellent attitude and knowledge.

★★★★★ Avvo Review

– Shelley

We were involved in a serious accident and asked our son if we should get a lawyer. He asked his friend who said we should and he would be glad to represent us. We chose you because we knew you to be someone of upright character and felt you would be (and you have proven to be) someone who was responsible, honest and would look out for our best interests.

You helped us navigate through our crazy insurance, told us what to expect from the auto insurance company and advised us and were always available for questions and problems that came up of which there were many. You dealt with our health insurance which was not easy, helped with billing problems and most importantly, advised and negotiated a fair settlement. You proved yourself very knowledgeable with medical billing and insurance issues. You came to our house for meetings which was extremely helpful because I was not in any condition to travel.

I would highly recommend you. I feel you have a good knowledge of insurance companies and reasonable expectations and that you are going to treat your client and the insurance company fairly. You were understanding and very helpful and though I hope we are never in another situation like this again, you would be the one I called if I needed a lawyer.

– Leah & Bruce Wiedeman

Mr. Trollinger is fantastic I am super stoked I chose him to represent me in my workers comp case. He kept me informed with a timeline how things where going and what I needed to do. He really made me feel like we were friends and that means a lot when your trusting someone with something as valuable as a injury to your body. Mr. Trollinger cared about me and nothing else and is a wonderful person to have in your corner. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my family.

★★★★★ Avvo Review

– Robert C.

I was in a car that was hit by a truck. I was injured, I had whiplash, various muscle aches, and a headache etc. I chose to for go traditional physical therapy and was treated by a chiropractor so I could return to work sooner. The insurance company did not offer reasonable compensation for my pain and suffering. Mr. Trollinger negotiated with the insurance adjuster. I received a very good settlement check.

★★★★★ Avvo Review

– Edward

Matthew and his office were understanding, respectful, communicative, and efficient. They were readily available to me by phone, e-mail, and face to face meetings. It is important to know that the workers compensation process takes time and there is a lot of waiting. This is a firm that is there for you and working in the background the whole time. The office operates with superior ethics and integrity; I highly recommend their services.

★★★★★ Avvo Review

– Antoinette

I needed a lawyer after starting to get the run around from insurance companies after being hit and injured by a negligent driver.  I chose Matt to represent me because I am not the kind of person who is always looking for someone to sue and I wanted someone I already knew and trusted to protect my interests when dealing with these people.  I could concentrate on my recuperation and not worry about the details of dealing with the other person's insurance company which definitely did not have my interests at heart.


 Matt took on all communications and negotiations with the negligent driver's insurance company leaving me to only have to think about getting better and stronger after the accident.
Matt is extremely trustworthy and puts his client's interests at the forefront.  He will do all he can to make sure you are cared for and not have to worry about dealing with the other party's insurance.  He cares for and fights for his clients.
– Keith

No need to look any further....he's the BEST!

Matt and I have been working together since 2012 on a workman's comp case which just settled. As soon as I met him, knew he was the lawyer for me. He's compassionate, and really cares about you as a person as well as your case. He was there though surgeries, issues with the adjusters, court, me calling him when I didn't feel well and didn't understand something. He went above and beyond. He never made me feel like a burden! That says alot! He worked so hard on my case. I mean it was a HARD case to work on too! My case is now settled. And because of his expertise, got me a very large settlement. I can't thank him enough for helping me through this stressing time!

-Kim from Charles County

★★★★★ Avvo Review

– Kim F

I had a wonderful experience working with Mr. Trollinger. When I was in my car accident I hired him, and am so thankful that I did. He was very knowledgeable, and was willing to take the time answer all of my questions. Not only was he willing but he also had the expertise to answer every question I had, which gave me further confidence in him. His work ethic is top notch, and he was very thorough. He always stayed on top of my case. There was never a time when I felt as though I had to check up on him, or the progress of my case. He had it under control. He got me a fair settlement that I was more than happy with! I have, and will continue to recommend him to anyone who needs an elite lawyer (especially one who cares about doing right by his clients.) Thanks again Trollinger Law!

-Nicole from St. Mary's County

★★★★★Google Review

Matt handled my case and situation from start to finish with compassion.  He truly worked for me and my best outcome.  He truly cared about my health and well being.  Matt is a man of good character and integrity.  I highly recommend Matt.  His entire firm was professional and truly made the process flow easy.  Matt and his team's efforts were nothing less than stellar.

-Ed from Pennsylvania

★★★★★ Avvo Review

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* Many attorneys, insurance companies, and clients call an incident when someone was injured an “accident.” For this reason, our website uses this word. But an incident is not really an "accident" if there were rules in place to keep us all safe, yet someone chose not to follow those rules — and, as a result, someone else was hurt. When you speak with Trollinger Law, you'll find we talk instead in terms of "crashes," "collisions," etc.

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