Trollinger Law sponsors Shamrock 5k in La Plata

For the third year, Trollinger Law joins Charles County businesses to sponsor the Shamrock 5k in La Plata, Maryland.  Each year, the organizers of the Shamrock 5k choose a charity to direct the proceeds and further help our community.  Attorney Matt Trollinger was happy to support Farming 4 Hunger and Lifestyles of Maryland the past two years. 

 This year, proceeds of the race were given to the SA Mercy Fund. 

The SaMercy Fund exists to promote safety for ATV/UTV use

On June 11, 2015, Sam and Mercy McCawley were tragically killed in an UTV accident while visiting relatives. In the wake of this tragedy, The SaMercy Fund was established with specific goals centered on education and safety for ATV/UTV use.  This fund also provides funds counseling and retreats for family members who have lost children through tragic ATV/UTV accidents. 

About Trollinger Law

Trollinger Law strives to be the best personal injury and workers’ compensation law firm in our region. We want to positively impact our community through excellent representation and giving back any way we can.  If you know of a need in our community and you think we can help, please let us know.

To learn more about Maryland personal injury attorney, Matthew Trollinger and how he helps clients involved in car accidents and work injuries, click the following links:

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To find out more about the SaMercy Fund, Farming 4 Hunger and Lifestyles of Maryland:

SaMercy Fund

Farming 4 Hunger, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2012 to serve those in need of fresh food in Southern Maryland.

Farming 4 Hunger

Lifestyles of Maryland in La Plata,is a nonprofit organization established to support people in crisis by providing emergency assistance. 

Lifestyles of Maryland 






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