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In Maryland and Washington, D.C., an owner of a property — whether it's a store or other business, parking lot, sidewalk, apartment building, home or other property — has a duty to make sure that property is safe. When a property owner or operator fails to do this and someone is injured, usually through an accident involving a slip or fall or a dangerous condition, that injured person can sue the property owner or operator for damages.

Typically these cases are vigorously defended by the operator or owner of the property. Thus, these cases often require you to file a premises liability lawsuit.

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If you have serious injuries and believe your injury could have been prevented by the owner or operator of the property before you were injured, please contact us online or call 301-965-8500 for a free consultation on your case.

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* Many attorneys, insurance companies, and clients call an incident when someone was injured an “accident.” For this reason, our website uses this word. But an incident is not really an "accident" if there were rules in place to keep us all safe, yet someone chose not to follow those rules — and, as a result, someone else was hurt. When you speak with Trollinger Law, you'll find we talk instead in terms of "crashes," "collisions," etc.

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