If you're hurt on the job, there are five major benefits that you need to be aware of that will help protect you and your workers compensation case.

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#1 - You can choose your own doctor for your medical care. And that doctor is paid for by workers compensation insurance. This extends not only to doctors but to physical therapy locations. We've had a lot of clients that are sent to the insurance company doctor very far away from where they live to a physical therapy location, that's inconvenient, you may have to take time off of work, whereas otherwise, they may be able to find a place as close to them that can work outside of their work hours to help them get better. It does not have to be that way. You can choose your own doctor, and it is paid for by workers comp.

#2 - Wages. You can receive lost wages benefits and workers compensation. It is called temporary total disability benefits. Temporary total disability benefits are two thirds of what you normally make, as long as your doctor is writing a lot of work.

#3 - Mileage. You can receive mileage reimbursement for any trip from your home to a medical provider for treatment.

#4 - Vocational rehabilitation benefits. Voc Rehab, and workers compensation cases is there to help you find a new job if you can no longer work your prior job based on permanent work restrictions. In this situation, a job counselor is assigned to you and paid for by workers comp, as well as wage benefits assigned to you while you look for another job.

#5 - Permanency benefits. If you have any residual problems as a result of your injury, you are entitled to an award or a settlement of your case, for permanency for the permanent changes in your body as a result of the work injury. You must remember that if you have a pre existing condition to this same body part, it does not preclude you from having an award of compensation in this work injury case. They are responsible for any aggravation of a pre existing condition that is related to your work injury case.

If you have any questions about whether any of these benefits apply to your work injury case, let us know every case is different. And just because these benefits are available, may not mean that they're available in your case, but we can help you sort through those things and help you throughout your case.

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