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Damages is the legal term for the financial compensation someone receives in a personal injury claim. They cover everything from the injured party’s medical bills and lost wages to their damaged personal property and pain and suffering. Generally, the more harm someone suffers in a car accident, the more damages they may be able to recover. However, Maryland has some of the harshest negligence laws in the nation. Anyone found partly to blame for a car accident cannot recover any damages at all.

Because of the state’s strict laws concerning compensation in car accident claims, it’s crucial for injured drivers to secure experienced legal representation. The attorneys at Trollinger Law LLC have extensive experience with auto accident claims and can help you fight for fair compensation. Here’s what you need to know about calculating damages in a personal injury claim and how a skilled car accident lawyer in Waldorf can help. 

Types of Damages in Waldorf Car Accident Cases

Your damages in a car accident claim depend on the extent of your injuries, how much money you lost during your recovery, available insurance coverage, and other factors. With the right legal assistance for your Waldorf car accident claim, you stand a better chance of recovering money for:

  • Past, current, and future medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Reduced future earnings due to a long-term injury or disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost quality of life 
  • Property damage
  • Punitive damages (in rare cases) 

The Process of Calculating Damages

Lawyers, insurance companies, and the courts look at a broad range of factors to determine fair damages in a car accident claim. They include:

  • Whether you contributed to the crash in any way
  • Your past medical expenses and anticipated future medical needs
  • Your lost wages and how your injuries affect your ability to earn a living
  • How your injuries affect your relationships with your friends and family
  • How your injuries affect your quality of life
  • The available evidence to support your claim

 Types of Evidence to Prove Damages

Evidence is the bedrock of any successful personal injury claim. Common types of evidence in car accident cases include: 

  • Medical records
  • Police accident reports
  • Witness statements
  • Expert testimony
  • Accident reconstruction analyses
  • Photos or videos from the accident scene
  • Surveillance footage from area businesses, dashcams, and traffic cameras

The car accident attorneys at Trollinger Law LLC know what to look for when helping injured motorists with their legal cases in Waldorf. The more evidence someone has to support their claim, the greater their chances of recovering maximum compensation.

 Why Choose Trollinger Law LLC?

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Your choice of attorney can make a crucial difference in your car accident claim. At Trollinger Law LLC, we have the resources and drive to protect your rights at every stage of the legal process. Our Waldorf car accident lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for people in positions like yours. Let us handle your case while you rest and recuperate. Call or contact us today for a free consultation.

After a serious accident, an injury can leave you with ongoing medical expenses, unable to work, and worrying about your future. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in these situations, and the thought of hiring an attorney can be intimidating. At Trollinger Law LLC, we are here to listen to your story, explain your legal options, answer questions about what to expect, and help you make a smart decision about how best to move forward.