A Washington, D.C. and Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Who Won't Treat You Like a Number

In Maryland and D.C., someone who is injured as a result of a company or an individual’s negligence may have what’s called a “personal injury” case. There are different types of injuries for which Maryland and D.C. residents can be compensated. Under Maryland and D.C. law, someone who is injured may be entitled to:

  • medical bill reimbursement,
  • lost wages,
  • a monetary award for pain, suffering, inconvenience, humiliation,
  • future medical costs,
  • and future lost wages as well as physical disfigurement.

Trollinger Law only handles cases where someone is hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence or someone is hurt at work. We never represent insurance companies or employers in auto accident or workers’ compensation cases.

For step by step help on what to do after you are injured, please see our guides on What to Do After Car Accident or What to Do After a Work Injury.

Our Charles County, Maryland personal injury attorney serves clients in the District of Columbia and throughout Maryland.

To find out more about the types of cases that Trollinger Law can help you or a family member with, see below and call us at 301-965-8500, email info@trollingerlaw.com, or complete our online form. Here, you are a person, not a number.

Car Accidents

In Maryland and Washington, D.C., a driver must obey what are called the Rules of the Road in order to ensure that everyone is safe around them. If a driver does not follow these rules, and they hurt someone else, they are responsible for the harm th… Read More

Truck Accidents

If you are struck by a tractor trailer, the injuries could be life altering or worse. A truck driver is often put in a hard position by their employer to transport goods over long distances in a short period of time. Truck drivers are often drowsy, d… Read More

Motorcycle Accidents

One of the great passions of Americans over the past one hundred years is cruising on a motorcycle on a beautiful day. Motorcycle drivers are often some of the safest and road aware drivers in our community. Unfortunately, many automobile drivers in… Read More

Pedestrian Accidents

Unprotected by the steel frame of a car, pedestrians are at high risk of injury in an accident or collision when automobile drivers are negligent. In Maryland and Washington, D.C., there exists a dual right of the roadway to both pedestrians and driv… Read More

Bicycle Accidents

The D.C. Metropolitan Area and its suburbs of Frederick, Montgomery, Charles and Prince George’s counties are some of the most active in the country. We are seeing local governments take initiatives in creating running and bike trails throughout ou… Read More

Premises Liability

In Maryland and Washington, D.C., an owner of a property — whether it’s a store or other business, parking lot, sidewalk, apartment building, home or other property — has a duty to make sure that property is safe. When a property owner or o… Read More

Wrongful Death

The state of Maryland and District of Columbia allow wrongful death lawsuits if a person’s loved one has died as a result of someone’s negligence. Maryland, for example, allows wrongful death and survival claims. These claims may be filed… Read More

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* Many attorneys, insurance companies, and clients call an incident when someone was injured an “accident.” For this reason, our website uses this word. But an incident is not really an "accident" if there were rules in place to keep us all safe, yet someone chose not to follow those rules — and, as a result, someone else was hurt. When you speak with Trollinger Law, you'll find we talk instead in terms of "crashes," "collisions," etc.

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