Permanent Benefits Awarded by Jury to Worker Injured in Charles County, Maryland

A worker in Charles County received permanent monetary and medical benefits for his injuries at the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. The insurance companies fought to limit their exposure and sought to take those benefits from the injured worker by appealing to a Charles County jury. Matt Trollinger successfully fought to uphold the Commission’s verdict for this worker. At trial, Matt and another attorney asked the jury to remember the purpose of the Maryland Workers’ Compensation system: to protect the injured worker. After two days of trial, it did.

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* Many attorneys, insurance companies, and clients call an incident when someone was injured an “accident.” For this reason, our website uses this word. But an incident is not really an "accident" if there were rules in place to keep us all safe, yet someone chose not to follow those rules — and, as a result, someone else was hurt. When you speak with Trollinger Law, you'll find we talk instead in terms of "crashes," "collisions," etc.

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