A shoulder injury can happen to any Maryland worker. It can happen to a police officer making an arrest or a first responder suffering from a fall on the job, or a teacher or worker at a big box retail store doing inventory. It can even happen to a manager who is driving to and from work for the purpose of his employment and is involved in a car accident.

The fact is those shoulder injuries are different. They are painful, limit everything you do, and often require some type of surgery (either arthroscopic or replacement). You need the best doctors to recover as well as you can. However, even with the best medical care, oftentimes shoulder injuries are permanent in nature.

I understand and empathize with shoulder injuries because of my background as a collegiate athlete. I understand the sometimes nagging symptoms a shoulder injury can cause. You will not find another attorney more aggressive in handling your shoulder injury case than me. Under Maryland Workers’ Compensation law you may be entitled to lifetime medical benefits as well as permanent partial disability benefits, whether it is a shoulder sprain/strain or a rotator cuff tear or worse.

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